Eco-anxiety: Acceptance is key

Summary by Stefanie Ypma Lytton, Canada, is 7000 km away, yet I feel scared. Valkenburg, the terrace where I’ve had a great meal only a few weeks ago has been swept away. Events that scientists would normally describe with phrases like ‘increased likelihood’ are suddenly reality. Although we might not express it often (enough?), we…

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The best of times, the worst of times: bridging the gap in ambition towards a sustainable future

by Stefanie Ypma ‘There is no case in which there is any scenario where we should not do absolutely anything we can, straight away’. This is one of the key messages from the first Future Scientist Webinar organized by Scientists for Future NL organised on May the 6th, 2021. Paul Behrens, an assistant professor at…

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The concept of climate change commitment and why we need to act so quickly

Author: Riccardo Riva, S4F Delft Commitment is a word that, in everyday use, has a mostly positive connotation. We usually commit to change/help/fight and so on. It implies a (free) will to do something and the fact that the declared action should eventually take place. Well, when talking about climate, commitment is still something we expect to happen,…

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Gedrag in de crisis biedt hoop voor het klimaat

De coronacrisis laat zien dat gedragsverandering veel kan opleveren, stellen Karlijn van den Broek en Leo van Kampenhout. De massale aanpassing lijkt het virus af te remmen. Dit kan de klimaatcrisis helpen. tevens gepubliceerd door het AD op 21 april 2020 Individueel gedrag is allesbepalend voor het verloop van de coronacrisis, riepen ic-artsen en RIVM-virologen…

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Are Dutch universities ready to address the climate crisis?

In planning to become climate neutral, universities have focused so far on facilities and logistics. Reducing air travel by academics is important, but how about universities’ core business – education and research? “It is your right as a citizen and your duty as an employee to ask for more action.” Sanli Faez (UU) thinks universities…

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Can climate activism and Utrecht University’s bright minds fit together?

As countries around the world start to increasingly feel the heat, climate activism has been increasingly getting space on the news, but without always being followed by a positive reputation. Activists can sometimes be seen as a nuisance, or as a polarizing force that does not contribute anything to the problem. But what is activism,…

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