Editorial newsletter September

‘How will this impact our lives? Or our families and loved ones? Or our jobs? What measures do I/we/the government need to take to prevent worse outcomes? Why is nobody worried?’ These questions seem to be on everybody’s mind nowadays, mostly related to the impact of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. But if you’re reading this newsletter,…

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S4F-NL Stands United Against Racism and Injustice

In the midst of ongoing racism and at a time of deep division in society, the Scientists4Future NL community reaffirms its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusivity in the sciences, and in actively creating and supporting a community that reflects this commitment.  We take this moment to emphasise that “climate change will amplify existing risks…

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Editorial newsletter May & introducing S4F Amsterdam

Today it is clearer than ever that science has a crucial role in ensuring a safe and happy life for everyone. Governments, companies and individuals are all seeking to understand the COVID-19 virus. People are craving trustworthy information about the future evolution of the pandemic and its clinical progression, and they look to scientists for…

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Contribute to IPBES

As Scientists4Future NL we are not only covering climate change in the strict sense but explicitly aim for an interdisciplinary approach to the related problems like the biodiversity crisis. We therefore would like to highlight  the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), an independent intergovernmental body (like the IPCC), established by states to strengthen the…

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On divestment

It is increasingly recognized that business-as-usual technological progress and carbon pricing alone are not going to deliver the rapid and deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions needed to achieve the 2015 Paris Agreement targets. Far-reaching changes on the level of customs, values, and social norms are needed as well. Scientists can contribute to the knowledge…

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The Climate Crisis in the Face of the Corona Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global health crisis that has triggered governments worldwide to direct a monumental amount of time and resources to prevent the disease from spreading, while also evoking mass cooperation and support of citizens. Different countries have therefore drawn comparisons to a war, although now against an invisible enemy. Measures vary in…

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#ClimateStrikeOnline, 3 April

Suggesties om te doen: sluit je aan bij het Facebook event deel één onze posts op Facebook, Twitter of Instagram. Elk uur delen we één van de 24 klimaatfeiten onder de hashtag #klimaatfeiten. post een foto / video van jezelf terwijl je thuis staakt, met de hashtags #ClimateStrikeOnline en #ScientistsStrikeNL (zie voorbeelden onder) reis virtueel…

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‘Experiment’ at the 2020 PtS conference

On the 5th of March 2020, local group Utrecht hosted a stand at the Pathways to Sustainability conference. The theme of our stand was: “Being an academic in times of a planetary emergency”. We brought posterboards on which we explored the various aspects of our responsibilities, both as individuals and as institutions. Framed as a…

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World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency still open for signing

We invite all scientists to co-sign the article “World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency”

PERSBERICHT: consensusverklaring door Nederlandse wetenschappers omtrent klimaatstaking

Naar verwachting zullen morgen tienduizenden mensen de straat opgaan in Den Haag om ambitieuzer klimaatbeleid te eisen. Hun zorgen zijn gegrond, zeggen meer dan 1700 Nederlandse wetenschappers in een unieke steunbetuiging aan de klimaatstaking op de website van Scientists4Future NL [link]. Onder de ondertekenaars bevinden zich klimaatexperts als Herman Russchenberg (TU Delft), Richard Bintanja (RuG),…

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