Upcoming Symposium on ‘Academic Engagement with Energy Industries’

On September 21st, a hybrid symposium organised by the Utrecht Young Academy and Scientists4Future NL will address ethical and operational questions regarding academic engagement with energy industries with perspectives from experts who have studied this topic. Click the link below to learn more.

PERSBERICHT Brandbrief Scientists4Future aan toekomstige regering

Het IPCC heeft in het 2018 rapport ‘Global Warming of 1.5 ºC’ berekend dat het gebruik van olie, gas en steenkool tussen nu en 2030 teruggebracht moet worden met respectievelijk 44%, 39% en 80%[1]. De Nederlandse overheid staat echter garant voor 1,5 miljard euro per jaar aan exportactiviteiten binnen de fossiele brandstof branche. In een brandbrief aan de onderhandelaars roepen de wetenschappers van S4F de toekomstige regering op om met onmiddellijke ingang te stoppen met ekv voor fossiele activiteiten.

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PERSBERICHT – Nederlandse universiteiten en hogescholen steunen oproep tot divesteren van pensioengelden ABP

In maart 2021 riepen Scientists4Future NL en alle Young Academies de besturen van universiteiten en hogescholen op om zich uit te spreken over de fossiele beleggingen van pensioenfonds ABP. Op deze brief heeft een meerderheid (> 55 %) van de 47 aangeschreven instellingen inmiddels positief gereageerd (Figuur 1). Dit geeft aan dat er niet alleen…

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More than 500 people have shared their views on a fossil free pension with S4F

The ABP pension fund at which all staff of Dutch (applied) universities accrue pension, has over €17 billion worth of investments in the fossil fuel industry. Is this a problem? Should the executive boards of (applied) universities play a role in the fight for a climate-neutral pension? Fill out this 1-minute survey and join over…

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PERSBERICHT – Nederlandse wetenschap: “ABP, divesteer uit fossiele industrie”

Alle Young Academies van Nederlandse universiteiten hebben een brief van Scientists For Future ondertekend. In deze brief vragen wetenschappers uit alle onderzoeksdisciplines aan universitaire besturen om druk uit te oefenen op pensioenfonds ABP. De wetenschappers willen dat ABP zo spoedig mogelijk hun investeringsbeleid in fossiele industrie herziet en dit in ieder geval in lijn brengt…

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Doubts or questions about climate? Ask the KlimaatHelpdesk!

What’s the deal with the ice caps, CO2 and the energy transition? And are you actually allowed to go on climate strike during school hours? As of today you can ask all your questions on the Dutch-language website, where a team of over twenty scientists and experts are ready to answer them. The KlimaatHelpdesk…

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10 October: Meet and Greet event + TED Countdown

Get to know Scientists4Future NL, a self-organised, self-initiated alliance of scientists from Dutch universities and research institutes. We’re having a Meet & Greet at 16:00, October 10th, where we will explain who we are, what we do, and how you can get involved. To inspire you further, we are also hosting a TEDx Countdown viewing, where we…

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Editorial newsletter September

‘How will this impact our lives? Or our families and loved ones? Or our jobs? What measures do I/we/the government need to take to prevent worse outcomes? Why is nobody worried?’ These questions seem to be on everybody’s mind nowadays, mostly related to the impact of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. But if you’re reading this newsletter,…

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S4F-NL Stands United Against Racism and Injustice

In the midst of ongoing racism and at a time of deep division in society, the Scientists4Future NL community reaffirms its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusivity in the sciences, and in actively creating and supporting a community that reflects this commitment.  We take this moment to emphasise that “climate change will amplify existing risks…

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Editorial newsletter May & introducing S4F Amsterdam

Today it is clearer than ever that science has a crucial role in ensuring a safe and happy life for everyone. Governments, companies and individuals are all seeking to understand the COVID-19 virus. People are craving trustworthy information about the future evolution of the pandemic and its clinical progression, and they look to scientists for…

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