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The concept of climate change commitment and why we need to act so quickly

Author: Riccardo Riva, S4F Delft Commitment is a word that, in everyday use, has a mostly positive connotation. We usually commit to change/help/fight and so on. It implies a (free) will to do something and the fact that the declared action should eventually take place. Well, when talking about climate, commitment is still something we expect to happen,…

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Contribute to IPBES

As Scientists4Future NL we are not only covering climate change in the strict sense but explicitly aim for an interdisciplinary approach to the related problems like the biodiversity crisis. We therefore would like to highlight  the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), an independent intergovernmental body (like the IPCC), established by states to strengthen the…

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On divestment

It is increasingly recognized that business-as-usual technological progress and carbon pricing alone are not going to deliver the rapid and deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions needed to achieve the 2015 Paris Agreement targets. Far-reaching changes on the level of customs, values, and social norms are needed as well. Scientists can contribute to the knowledge…

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