Are Dutch universities ready to address the climate crisis?

Foto Thomas Richter (Unsplash)

22 januari 2020 | In planning to become climate neutral, universities have focused so far on facilities and logistics. Reducing air travel by academics is important, but how about universities’ core business – education and research? “It is your right as a citizen and your duty as an employee to ask for more action.” Sanli Faez (UU) thinks universities should transform their ‘core business’ to face the climate crisis.

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Can Climate Activism and Utrecht University’s Bright Minds Fit Together?

As countries around the world start to increasingly feel the heat, climate activism has been increasingly getting space on the news, but without always being followed by a positive reputation. Activists can sometimes be seen as a nuisance, or as a polarizing force that does not contribute anything to the problem. But what is activism, really? Is it only something done by naïve students? Does it stir a fuss, more than it solves a problem? Does it have to be on the street, or can it also be done within the workspace? To develop answers to these questions,the Green Office of the University of Utrecht picked the brains of two different faces of activism at Utrecht University who support climate activism, and their definitions for activism might be broader than you would expect.

Floris van den Berg
Daniele Castellana

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