Community Principles

Transparency of information

Internal communication will be visible online as much as possible, so that those interested can follow it and contribute.

Respectful environment

This is an environment in which everyone is welcome, respected and equal. It is necessary that we each adhere to the Code of Conduct.

Clear responsibilities

It is up to each of us to choose our own role(s) and define the scope of our own role(s) and state these clearly. We are each responsible for the adequate and timely execution of our own role(s).

National body: Consensus decision-making

When making decisions at an assembly of the national body, we aim for consensus.

Local bodies: Advise process

When working in decentralised groups, we use the advise process. A member or decentralized group seeks advise from those affected and potentially also from those with expertise. Taking this advice into account, the decision-maker decides on an action and informs those who have given advice. See


Anyone who adheres to these community principles and to the scientific method and evidence, and wants to be part of S4F NL, is welcome to join. Anyone can contribute according to their possibilities and availability. There is no minimum contribution.

Agreed upon 21st of november 2019